What's included

  • Party guides to help you on drinking (no-one wants to drink alone and some people need a coach);
  • Animated party around Lisbon in the best neighbourhoods;
  • Free welcome shot in the first and third bar;
  • Free Jaggeimestier shot in the first bar (yes, you have to drink two shots Mr Premium);
  • One hour of ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK of Beer, Sangria and Gin/Vodka + mixer;
  • Drinking games along the pub crawl;
  • Free drink with mixer in the third bar (adding to the normal shot you already have);
  • VIP Entrance in the best clubs in town;
  • 3 Bars (always, at least, one is in Bairro Alto neighbourhood).

What’s not included

  • Any additional drinks beside the ones above.


When it comes to pub crawl, no-one is better than the portuguese way of party in Lisbon. The original name was “Rally Tascas” where students would go from one bar to another with drinking games and crazy activities. Our original pub crawl is not different.

Experience a PREMIUM NIGHT OUT with multiple people all around the world and join us for a madness party where it only stops at sunrise!

Be ready for drinking games, funny challenges, crazy night out with our best pub crawlers, welcome shots, Jeiggerbombs, 1 hour of all-you-can drink of Beer, Sangria and Gin/Vodka + mixer, Free drink before getting inside the club, madness bar hoping and never forgetting that you will always join a huge party of crazy party animals always up for no good!

You will join 3 bars and one club that will enable the party to start from the very first moment you sign in until you can’t handle it anymore.

This madness crazy party takes place every single night - 10:30 pm in the most famous meeting point for drinking: Praça Luís de Camões.

First stop will be in the iconic Bairro Alto, the heart of Lisbon’s nightlife and the following stops depends on the night of the week.

Depending on the night, you can also experience the neighbourhoods of Cais-do-Sodré (Pink street) or Santos.

Every night is a different party and if you join multiple times, you will never repeat the same party.

In our 1 hour All-you-can-drink, you will have the chance to play plenty of drinking games such as Beer pong, beer bongs, cards drinking games and more!

After the 3 bars, we end up in one of the best clubs in Lisbon always with VIP entry (not only is included in the price as you can skip the line and don’t wait in the queue). Once you are inside the nightclub, you can always party until 6:00am (not mandatory) and watch the sunrise when you leave the club.