Have you ever heard about Pink Street? Is one of the oldest neighbourhoods to party in Lisbon with the most locals going out!

When it comes to pub crawl, no-one is better than the portuguese way of party in Lisbon.

The original name was “Rally Tascas” where students would go from one bar to another with drinking games and crazy activities.

Experience a traditional night out with multiple people all around the world and join us for a madness party where it only stops at sunrise!

Join us for 3 bars and 1 nightclub where you have plenty alcohol included to make new friends without any awkwardness.

This party starts every Friday and Saturday - 10:30pm in Cais-do-Sodré @ Duque da Terceira Statue.

What's included

  • Party guides to help you on drinking (no-one wants to drink alone and some people need a coach);
  • Animated party around Lisbon in the best neighbourhoods;
  • 3 beers/sangria in the first bar;
  • 1 beer/wine + Welcome shot in the second bar;
  • 1 beer/sangria in the third bar;
  • Drinking games along the pub crawl;
  • VIP Entrance in the best clubs in town.

What’s not included

  • Any additional drinks beside the ones above.