Halloween Pub Crawl

Nightlife in Lisbon starts here

Portuguese beers, shots, drinking games and much more madness

The wildest Pub Crawl Lisbon has ever seen

Discover the best local bars

With Open bar of beer and sangria included! This all you can drink of beer and sangria for an hour! Plus 2 shots and a awesome discounts. This is the best deal in Lisbon! We start everyday at 23:00 from Camões Square.

World class guides

Our professional party makers will guarantee you have a blast all night long meeting people from all over the world while playing awesome drinking games like beer pong, flip cup and kings cup!

Entrance to the best clubs in Lisbon

Our last stop is always one of the best clubs in the city, and since you are pub crawling with us you get VIP treatment with queue jump with free entrance and a shot included!

Choose your Lisbon Pub Crawl experience

Standard, Premium or Legendary, we have a package for every pub crawler

Standard Pub crawl

In the first bar you will get:

A delicious shot of a Portuguese liquor plus special deals for being Pub Crawling with us!

This is where we get things started and you get to mingle and get to know your fellow pub crawlers!

Once we move on to the second bar you will enjoy ONE HOUR OPEN BAR OF BEER & SANGRIA

Here is where things start to heat up, drinking games, beer pong, flip cup and our awesome beer bong challenge, is just a few of the things you can expect!

The third is the last call for cheap drinks! Here you have included another shot of Portuguese liquor and great deals on mixers!

Last but not least we take to an amazing club with free, vip entrance included!

All of this for just 18€!

Premium Pub crawl


Ok ok we get it, beer and sangria is not for everyone and sometimes you need something stronger right?

Choose the Premium Upgrade when booking your Pub Crawl and add VODKA & GIN MIXERS to your OPEN BAR!

Yes you read that correctly, get everything in the Standard Pub Crawl plus all you can drink of Gin & Vodka during the open bar in the second bar!

All of this for just 28€!

Legendary Pub Crawl

…Most people don’t actually reach this far down, you are a true Legend and you’re not afraid to party like one!

Here is what we got for you:

Everything on the Standard Pub Crawl plus:

+ VODKA & GIN MIXERS included in the OPEN BAR

+ Holy trinity of shots! What is that?

you get an extra Tequilla shot in the first bar…

A Whisky shot in the second bar and to finish it all…

An Absynthe shot in the third bar!

To sum it up you get a total of:

5 Shots + 1 hour Open Bar of Beer, Sangria, Gin & Vodka.

Honestly we are almost afraid to sell you this, only book it if you are sure you can handle it!

All of this for just 38€!

(L)egendary vs (P)remium

vs (S)tandard

Whats included

2 Welcome shots

One hour open bar of beer and sangria

Drinking games

Vip Club Entrance

Gin & Vodka mixers @ the open bar

Tequilla shot

Whisky shot

Absinth shot